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Benefits of Cedar

Superior Quality & Durability


No other roofing or siding material outperforms Cedar


Hundreds of years ago our ancestors were discovering the benefits of cedar: sturdiness, longevity, durability, and beauty. They respected the qualities of the native wood as they made tools and built homes, boats, fences, and furniture while trees were replanted to contribute to the prosperity of the land.


Like those who came before us, we use the natural material as the crowning glory to our homes, giving back to the land in sustainable ways.


We revere the time-tested qualities of Western Red Cedar as no other roofing or siding material outperforms it and we appreciate its decay resistant properties as it resists the elements better than any other home exterior covering available.

Responsible Sustainability



We all want to ensure a healthy planet for the next generation and using sustainable materials is the way to do it. No other roofing material is more sustainable than wood, which is derived from a renewable resource. It is recyclable, renewable and biodegradable, making it an environmentally-friendly building material. Much like our forefathers before us, we return to the land what has been taken. The cedar shake and shingle industry is committed to protecting our resources and minimizing the impact on the environment.


We recognize consumer concerns regarding harm caused to the environment through the depletion of our cedar trees. Yet consider this statistic from the American Forest and Paper Association (


Today, the United States has 20 percent more trees than it did on the first Earth Day celebration more than 40 years ago.


There has been a concerted effort by the government, the private forest industry, environmentalists and other stakeholders to develop a stringent set of forest management practices in the United States and Canada. In short, we replace what we use and we harvest and process cedar wood in a safe, eco-friendly way that maximizes green technology and techniques.


When it comes to sustainability, wood is one of the very few completely renewable building materials.

The same cannot be said for wood alternatives like steel, aluminum, plastic and concrete, which permanently deplete iron ore, bauxite, precious oil reserves, petroleum and limestone. The manufacturing of these alternate roofing choices use extensive energy resources to mine, build and transport the materials – plus create polluting emissions in their production and require the use of nonrenewable materials that remain in our landfills for centuries to come.


Exemplary Strength



A home is a statement of achievement, yet it’s also a place to escape the stresses of the world and relax in its inner safety and security. A cedar shake roof provides peace of mind with a proven legacy that withstands the outside elements.


Unlike other types of roofing material that add weight to a structure, cedar shakes enhance the stability of a structure’s walls and roofing. As time has shown us, cedar roofs have remained intact during the worst storms and weather events. With its natural resistance to UV damage and pests, a cedar roof will protect a home for 30 to 40 years and will perform exceptionally in any climate, including those with sharp temperature shifts.


More current research and insurance industry testing compares the performance of cedar roofs against those made from other roofing materials. In fact, cedar is one of the most researched and well understood plants on the entire planet.


    • Hurricane wind resistance – Cedar shake roofs can withstand winds in excess of 130 miles per hour with no uplift of roofing materials. Cedar wood shingles are rated for wind pressures of 173 mph, while cedar shakes are rated for 245 mph winds.
    • Hail damage resistance – Cedar shakes and shingles placed at the top of the scale in the Underwriters Laboratories Test Standard for Impact Resistance of Prepared Roof Covering Materials, shows no evidence of tearing, cracking, fracturing, splitting, or rupturing when steel balls in diameters reaching two inches were dropped on them.
    • Earthquake damage resistance – Cedar roofing weighs 75% less than most tile roofs, giving it a high resiliency factor.
    • Fire Resistance – Pressure treated fire retardant cedar shakes and shingles preserve the materials during high heat and humidity and in areas prone to wildfires better than other woods.



Natural Insulation


There’s no better way to block outside air from entering through a roof than with the natural insulation a cedar shake roof provides. According to the USDA Forest Service, wood roofing and siding have the highest insulation value of any of the wood substitutes.


The cellular structure of Western Red Cedar consists of large cells that fill with air and act as an insulating agent. This hinders the passage of outside air, keeping a home warm when it’s cold outside and cool when it’s hot.


A cedar shake roof provides 2 to 5 times the insulating value of other materials.


As an added benefit, owners of homes with cedar roofs enjoy significant year-round savings on their heating and cooling energy bills, compliments of their cedar roof!


An Investment Worth Making


A cedar shake roof may cost more upfront, but the long-term benefits are far greater than the initial investment. As the premium roofing and siding material, cedar is the preferred material for finer homes.


Choosing a cedar roof is a smart investment as homes with cedar roofing and/or siding command a premium price. Cedar instantly increases the resale value of a home and enhances its aesthetic appeal.


Make the investment in cedar roofing and enjoy the rich benefits cedar has to offer while conveying a commitment to a sustainable environment.

Environmental Benefits of Cedar Roofs

Environmental Benefits of Cedar Roofs

The Environmental Benefits of Cedar Roofs Nowadays, people place more of an emphasis on being environmentally friendly....

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