The Differnce

Homeowner Testimonial – The Shake Guys Differnce

The following is the transcript from the video:

They’re very classy; they’re very educated and they’re not at all sales-y, sleazy, or a kind of fly by night roofing company.

When the hail storm happened it was like an invasion of roofers came to town. I mean really, we had roofing companies popping up all over, people coming to our door and soliciting. A lot of the people we realized weren’t even from here. They were from several states away that had just sort of pounced into town when this storm happened. Some of the companies weren’t reputable.

Shake Guys, from the very beginning, you could tell their knowledge of the industry is huge and I immediately felt very confident in them because of that. Their marketing materials are so educational that, as a home owner, you know this is a solid company. From early on, I felt like they were very invested in us and in getting us what was right. That’s a phrase that they say a lot; “We’re going to do what’s right for you.” They have showed me that over and over and over again throughout this whole process. I think that separates them hands down from the other companies.