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Installing the Perfect Cedar Shake Roof

Installing the Perfect Cedar Shake Roof



On this project, we are installing a premium grade, 100% edge grain, cedar shake with Cedar Breather underlayment. Cedar Breather is a product that allows the shakes to breathe better. In return, the Cedar Breather extends the life of the shakes. What separates Shake Guys from the competition is the fact that we use 100% edge grain material. Since cedar is an organic material, it is very important to use the 100% edge grain, which is the best cut of the cedar tree. On this project, we are installing a heavy shake, which is the thickest shake available. It gives a much more dimensional look on the roof.

We have an in-house quality control program that verifies that our cedar is top grade material, and that our craftsmanship is nothing but superior. Installing a cedar shake roof is an art form and requires true craftsmanship. The end of the day, we want the homeowner to be happy with our work and proud of their roof.

Shake Guys Believes in Installing the Perfect Cedar Shake Roof Every Time

We are proud of our record and accolades for being the best cedar roofing company in our market, Chicago’s suburbs. From our inspections and consultations until the day we mail your warranty, Shake Guys will impress you with compromised professional service. Give us a call and let us know how we can serve your repair, maintenance, or restoration/renovation needs.

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