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Copper accents


Original, personalized, and custom look for your home


Copper is a long-lasting restoration/renovation metal and can be used in conjunction with other roofing materials like tile, slate and cedar shake


The allure of copper


Copper is a gorgeous metal that gives your home a unique, customized look. Copper can be one of the priciest of metals used in roofing; the Shake Guys can explain how you can affordably incorporate copper accents to get the shine, look and luster without the astronomical price tag.


What is it about copper that’s so enticing? Perhaps it’s the way it shines in the sun. Maybe it’s the eye-catching color that hints of the earth’s rich bounty. One of the oldest metals known to man, copper has long been put to a variety of uses requiring both beauty and durability. At Shake Guys, we help set the standard for elegance in your neighborhood by combining durable, rich copper with cedar shake — a perfect union.


Our coppersmiths emphasize the strengths and natural beauty of your home with copper sheet metal, turning functional — and often unsightly — portions of your home into appealing complements. With the care of artisan masters and the knowledge of engineers, the Shake Guys team produces the perfect copper-accented cedar shake roofs for clients in the Chicagoland area.

The benefits of copper

The unmatched physical characteristics, strength and beauty of copper have made it a premier choice for contemporary home decor, both inside and outside, in recent years.

It’s environmentally friendly, sustainable and can be completely recycled.

Copper architecture is extremely low-maintenance.

It resists corrosion and withstands a variety of weather conditions

It’s highly durable and rarely needs replacing.

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