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Choosing the right cedar roofing contractor

Choosing the Right Cedar Shake Roofing Contractor

The recent hail & wind storms that damage your roof have forced many homeowners in the North Counties to address the issue of replacing their roofing systems. Shake Guys has provided quality roofing renovations to your neighborhood over the last decade and gained the admiration of all its clients. Ensuring the beauty, quality and top performance of your cedar shake or shingle roof requires the best materials, superior fasteners and expert installation. The Shake Guys follow precise installation protocols that guarantee the longevity of your cedar roof. We also offer various cedar roofing accessories to maximize its durability. All of  that said it’s easier to see for yourself and learn the difference between a pro and a… roofer without a clue. Choosing the right cedar shake roofing contractor is easy if you know what quality and performance issues set contractor apart.

See for yourself how we compare to other contractors by offering the best:


Choosing the Right Cedar Shake Roofing Contractor starts here

Our Advantages

1) Shingle Spacing –  We space according to the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau guidelines (3/8” to 5/8”) to account for swelling and protect against sun and water damage.

2) Premium Cedar – Our shakes lay even and flat because we installing 100% edge grain. This is the best way to fight unsightly warping and cupping that pulls out nails and pops off shakes & shingles over time.

3) Finishing Details – Our ridge caps are carefully installed with alternative overlaps and concealed fasteners for strength. We apply flashing to all intersecting angles to prevent water leaks.



Their Problems

1) Shingle Spacing – They try to follow guidelines but their products can make it hard to.

2) Wood Curl – It doesn’t just look bad, it will prematurely age the shingle(s) beneath it. Using a lesser product with Slash or Flat grain will cause this  lifting of the shake edges.

3) Finishing Details – Even though the ridge caps are the main defense against high winds, many contractors won’t upgrade to a better product or even install them correctly. When a wind storm hits, whole sections of ridge caps may blow off. The next storm is almost sure to take sections of shake with it.

There are several installation factors you must consider when choosing the right cedar shake roofing contractor.

The examples below are just a few things to take into consideration when having your roof replaced. If you are in the position of choosing a contractor to complete the repairs to your property or determining if you have suffered damages from the recent Hail Storms, we can be of help. Please feel free to call us for a no obligation inspection or consultation of your cedar shake roof.


Choosing the Right Cedar Shake Roofing Contractor also has to do with the products used!

Cedar Shakes – We use Premium 100% Edge Grain which is above industry standards. This vertical grain is the best available wood in the industry because it is 100% clear and resists warping.

Roof Fasteners – We use strong-holding ring shank roofing nails, both stainless steel and double hot dipped zinc coated Maze nails, which resist corrosion as well as keep shakes & shingles in place.

Ventilation – We add an additional Benjamin Obdyke Ridge Vent to our roofs for additional ventilation. Proper ventilation will remove excess heat and moisture to protect a roof and the overall home structure from  deterioration.

Leak Barrier – We install a moisture barrier that provides extra protection at vulnerable areas like valleys, chimneys, and skylights. This protects your home by preventing costly repairs due to wall or ceiling leaks, which can cause interior staining.


THeir Shakes

Cedar Shakes – They claim to use the industry standard product which will only get you 80% edge grain at best. The Flat or Slash Grain shakes they use will have some lifting/curling over time.

Roof Fasteners – Other contractors may use just about any nail type under the sun as well as staples. This means decay and loss of shake.

Ventilation – They replace existing vents because most homes are not properly vented. This will probably increase energy costs. It may also add to the premature aging of your home because heat and moisture are not properly addressed.

Leak Barrier – Many contractors overlook fixing all area of concern. Older roofs will have older skylights, vents and the like that should be replaced. Should these be ignored there may be a great deal of cost associated with having them replaced later when a solid roofing system is in place.


We hope you enjoyed this article about choosing the right cedar shake roofing contractor. Our goal is to always keep providing valuable information to consumers when it comes to the ins and outs of cedar roofing.

Give us a call if you or someone you know has a cedar roof that needs repairs or replacing. Unsure of what your repair or maintenance needs are? Shake Guys can help with that too!


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