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Insurance Claim Advocacy & Guidance

Storms can be extremely frightening — dark skies, howling wind, driving rain, lightning, hail, and more can give you a sense of unease as you wait for the worst to pass. When disaster happens and a falling tree or severe hailstorm heavily damages your roof, fear can turn quickly to a state of panic.

We’re here to tell you, don’t panic!

Contact a professional roofer right away for an inspection, and remain calm. If storm damages are tackled right away, they are most times a quick repair. The real danger is leaving damage unattended as then if can lead to more extreme damages that require far more drastic repairs—or even a full replacement.

In the Chaos After a Storm — Call Shake Guys

Knowing who to call after a damaging storm can restore your peace of mind. When you call Shake Guys, our professional team quickly schedules a visit to perform a full inspection of your roof before you make a claim with your insurer. Your insurance company will want to know the extent of damage. We can help by providing you with an honest, thorough evaluation of your roof.

Shake Guys is here to serve you. Throughout Illinois, our team works with you to make the claim filing process as painless as possible. We provide the highest level of service as we assist you with inspections and repairs, and we stand beside you during every step of your claim. We promote your best interests by negotiating on your behalf with insurance adjusters and helping get your claim settled quickly. We diligently serve as your Insurance Claim Advocates.

Choosing a Professional

You’ve probably heard you should be cautious about door-to-door contractors, but in the chaotic time following storm damage, it can be easy to fall prey to a friendly person who rings your doorbell at just the right time. If you do decide to schedule an inspection with a company you encountered with door-to-door solicitation, do your homework. Spend time researching to ensure that the company is reputable and has the appropriate licensing, insurance, and training to do the work competently.

This being said, Shake Guys does itself knock doors in neighborhoods we’re working in. We do invite homeowners to “check us out”. Our outstanding reviews with the BBB, Guild Quality and the like are all 5 STAR. The more someone probes the better we look.

Training is Critical

In many cases, roof-repair personnel who solicit door-to-door have not undergone properly accredited technical training for storm damage inspections. Companies employing such workers also typically do not provide ongoing education and training of inspectors. The complex field of roof forensics requires appropriate certifications from reputable organizations like Haag.

An inspector must consider the entire roof as a functional system to determine the extent of damage and whether minor or major repairs are needed. Inspectors also must be thoroughly trained to spot damage that could cause failure of the entire system or significantly compromise the safety of a home.

Specialized Knowledge Required

It’s unlikely that an individual who knocks on your door hours after a storm passes has the extensive technical knowledge needed to evaluate your roof along with the business savvy to navigate complex insurance claims. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Shake Guys typically does not advise that you hire an attorney to deal with your insurance company, since a legal battle can take months or years.

Instead, we pair you with one of our professional, certified inspectors. Your inspector doesn’t fix your roof — although he or she has a background as a restoration specialist. Instead, the focus of your inspector is completely on inspecting, consulting, and working with your insurer to get your claim settled. Your inspector will be cognizant of the claim deadline and other details to resolve your claim successfully.

Emergency Services

In an emergency, you need a roofing company known for integrity and competence. Shake Guys provides unparalleled customer service that’s tailored to fit your unique situation. We offer 24-hour emergency repairs, and we give our utmost attention to emergency calls. We get there as soon as humanly possible, and we begin working with you immediately to develop an effective action plan for making needed repairs and filing your claim. Contact our roofing team for assistance today.

What to do if your Roof is Damaged

If you believe your roof has sustained damage in a storm or natural disaster, call Shake Guys immediately. One of our professional, certified inspectors will go to your home as soon as possible to perform a comprehensive, no-obligation inspection of your roofing system.

Your Shake Guys inspector will provide you with a detailed estimate and can answer your questions about repairs and the insurance claim process. The cost of repairing your roof can vary significantly depending on the type of damage and its extent, along with the cost of needed materials. When you’re filing an insurance claim, you should not simply accept the lowest bid. You get what you pay for, and a reputable, certified contractor committed to the highest-quality work may cost a little more in the short term. Quality workmanship saves you money and worry in the long run.

If your roof is leaking, your Shake Guys inspector will work with you to understand your options. Depending on the circumstances, a localized repair may be in order, or there may be reasons to replace the entire roof. If severe weather in your area resulted in damage to a neighbor’s roof, it pays to also have your home inspected even if you don’t notice damage. Chances are good in such a situation that you also may have storm damage.

The Importance of Repairing Damage Quickly

When your roof has been damaged in a storm, you may consider repairing it yourself. If you’re making an insurance claim, there’s no benefit to completing the work without professional assistance. For your family’s safety and the future resale value of your home, work with a reputable professional to repair your roof and assistance from your insurance claim.

If your home is new, you may have a homebuilder’s warranty. However, such warranties typically exclude storm damage.

Hail Damage

Roof damage from a hailstorm can be difficult to spot, and it’s almost impossible to see from the ground. If your area has experienced a hailstorm — and especially if any of your neighbors have damage — consider working with a Shake Guys qualified inspector to look for damage. Larger hail, 1.25+ inches, causes divots and edge chipping on younger/healthy cedar. Older or poor quality cedar will also suffer splits, crack or even get knocked off if weakened from prior storms. All of this allows water to find its way to the substrate where leaks become a possibility.  Leaks then result serious damage like mold, structural problems, and even a roof collapse.

If your roof has been damaged by hail, you may notice small dents on HVAC units or rain gutters. In addition, you may see that shingles are bent or missing, and you may notice wet areas on your indoor ceilings, indicating leaks. Cracks or dents in windows, siding, and parked cars also can indicate that a hailstorm was strong enough to seriously damage your roof.

Navigating your Individual Claim

After your roof has sustained damage from a storm, the claim deadline can vary based on your insurer’s individual rules. Most policies provide a limited time frame in which to file your claim, typically within one to two years of a storm. Contact your insurance agent for details about your specific claim deadline.

After a storm, getting your claim approved by your insurance company can be a frustrating experience — after all; insurers are in business to make money and often try to deny claims. Your certified Shake Guys inspector will provide you, the homeowner, with representation throughout the insurance claims process. Filing your claim can be complex and tedious, but our Insurance Claim Advocates will work tirelessly on your behalf. Your inspector will provide you with detailed information and will help you understand your rights. For instance, your insurer cannot single you out to increase rates because your roof sustains damage from a storm.

The Process – Step by Step

When your home has been damaged by a storm, your Shake Guys inspector can help get your claim approved and your home restored to its former safe, attractive state.

Your inspector will help you with each step of the claims process, including:

  1. Thoroughly inspecting your roof.
  2. Gauging and documenting roof damage from the storm.
  3. Reviewing your policy and contacting your insurance provider.
  4. Working with you to understand the technical clauses in your policy regarding damage and natural attrition.
  5. Helping you provide the insurance company with detailed, accurate photos and descriptions of damage.
  6. Assisting with an appeal if your claim is denied. We are Insurance Claim Advocacy pros!
  7. Helping ensure that you receive payment once your claim is approved.
  8. Repairing your damaged roof.

What you Need to Know About your Insurance Company

After a storm that causes damage, many homeowners worry that filing a claim will result in increased premiums. The truth is that your insurance company is prohibited from singling you out to raise your rate because of a claim relating to storm damage. However, an insurance company is allowed to increase rates for everyone within a certain geographic area. If your home is damaged and you fail to file a claim, your rate still may increase to help pay for other homeowners’ repairs in your area.

In addition, many homeowners believe that their interests are well-represented by their insurance agent, with whom they’ve established a relationship. But remember, your insurance agent is working in the best interests of the insurance company. An estimate of the cost to repair your damage from a reputable contractor that is not referred by the insurance company gives you a leg to stand on if your insurer attempts to deny your claim.

If your insurance company does deny your claim, your Shake Guys inspector will assist you with the re-filing process. It’s all a part of our Insurance Claim Advocacy!

For Professional Assistance, Contact Shake Guys

Shake Guys can step in to assist you at any point in the process, even if you’ve already had an inspection, filed a claim, or even had work done. But the very best time to consult with the professionals at Shake Guys is when the damage occurs. We’ll be by your side as you navigate the process of repairing your home, filing your claim with your insurer and securing the compensation you’re due. Contact us today for an inspection. We look forward to working with you.

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