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brown asphalt shingles installed on roof with skylight and chimney

4 Best Asphalt Shingles in 2024

Are you planning to upgrade your roof this year and wondering which asphalt shingles are the best options in 2024? Well, you’re in luck because in this homeowner’s guide, we’re going to introduce you to the top four asphalt shingles that can elevate your home’s aesthetics, durability, and value.

Get ready to discover the shingles that will give your roof the upgrade it deserves!

Inside this blog:

  • Key reasons why asphalt shingles are a popular choice among homeowners
  • The 4 top asphalt shingles to choose from in 2024
  • 4 key factors for how to choose the right asphalt shingles for your home
  • Maintenance tips + tricks to keep your asphalt shingles in pristine condition

Read on to discover the 4 top asphalt shingles and which type will suit your home the best!

Why Asphalt Shingles? 🏗️

Before we dive into our top picks, let’s quickly recap why asphalt architectural shingles are a popular choice for residential roofing:


Asphalt shingles are budget-friendly, making them a cost-effective roofing solution for homeowners. They offer an excellent balance between affordability and performance, making them an attractive choice for those looking to enhance their home without breaking the bank.

Their cost-effectiveness extends beyond the initial installation, as their durability and low maintenance requirements can lead to long-term savings.



They come in a wide range of styles, colors, and textures, allowing for customization to match your home’s design. Whether you prefer the classic appeal of traditional shingles or the sleek look of modern architectural styles, you can find asphalt shingles that perfectly complement your home’s aesthetic.

This versatility ensures that you can achieve your desired look while benefiting from the practicality of asphalt shingles.


Modern asphalt shingles are engineered to withstand various weather conditions, providing long-lasting protection. They are designed to resist damage from wind, rain, hail, and UV radiation, ensuring that your roof remains durable and reliable.

With proper installation and maintenance, asphalt shingles can offer decades of protection for your home, making them a smart investment for homeowners concerned about the longevity of their roofing materials.

Now, without further ado, let’s explore the 4 best asphalt shingles for 2024, each offering its unique set of advantages and aesthetics!

1. GAF Timberline HDZ

  • GAF Timberline HDZ shingles are renowned for their durability and curb appeal.
  • They feature Advanced Protection technology, offering excellent protection against harsh weather conditions.
  • Available in a variety of colors and styles, they can complement any architectural design.
  • GAF offers a limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

2. Owens Corning Duration

  • Owens Corning Duration shingles are known for their impressive wind resistance and durability.
  • They feature a SureNail Technology that enhances the shingles’ grip, reducing the risk of blow-offs.
  • A wide selection of colors and patented shingle design options allows for creativity in home design.
  • Owens Corning offers a limited lifetime warranty with a 130 mph wind resistance guarantee.

3. CertainTeed Landmark

  • CertainTeed Landmark shingles are popular for their combination of performance and aesthetics.
  • They come in a variety of styles, including architectural and designer options.
  • These shingles feature StreakFighter technology to prevent the growth of algae.
  • CertainTeed offers a limited lifetime warranty and a 15-year StreakFighter warranty.

4. IKO Cambridge

  • IKO Cambridge shingles are known for their versatility and affordability.
  • They are available in a wide array of colors and sizes, allowing homeowners to achieve their desired look.
  • These shingles feature Fastlock Sealant strips for added wind resistance and security.
  • IKO offers a limited lifetime warranty along with a 15-year Iron Clad Protection warranty.

How to Choose the Right Asphalt Shingles for Your Home


Selecting the best asphalt shingles for your home involves considering 4 key factors:

1. Budget 💰

Your budget plays a significant role in your shingle selection. Some premium options offer exceptional durability and aesthetics but come at a higher cost. Determine your budget before exploring shingle choices.

2. Climate 🌦️

Consider your local climate when selecting shingles. Certain areas experience more extreme weather conditions, so it’s essential to choose shingles that can withstand wind, rain, snow, and hail accordingly.

3. Aesthetics 🎨

The appearance of your shingles can impact your home’s overall curb appeal. Explore the different styles, colors, and textures available to find shingles that complement your home’s design.

4. Warranty 📜

Review the warranties offered by manufacturers and your roofing contractor. Look for comprehensive warranties that cover not only material defects but also wind resistance, algae resistance, and other essential aspects.

Maintenance Tips for Asphalt Shingles 🔧

To ensure your asphalt roofing shingles last as long as possible, consider these maintenance tips:

  • Regular Inspections: Periodically inspect your roofing material for damage or missing shingles to catch any issues early and prevent them from becoming more extensive and costly repairs.
  • Cleanliness: Keep your roof free from debris and leaves, which can trap moisture and cause damage. Regular cleaning ensures that water can flow off the roof efficiently and reduces the risk of water-related problems.
  • Algae and Moss Control: If you live in a humid climate, consider using products designed to prevent algae and moss growth. These organisms can damage your shingles and compromise their longevity, so proactive control is essential.
  • Professional Inspection: Schedule professional roof inspections to identify potential issues early. Roofing experts can spot problems that might go unnoticed during regular inspections, helping you address them promptly and extend the life of your asphalt designer shingles.

Elevate Your Roof in 2024 with Asphalt Shingles 🏠

Upgrading your roof with the best asphalt shingles in 2024 can not only enhance your home’s protection but also elevate its aesthetics and value. Consider your budget, climate, and aesthetic preferences when choosing shingles, and don’t forget to perform regular maintenance to ensure they stand the test of time.

With the right shingles, your roof will be ready to face the elements while adding beauty and value to your home. Here’s to a fantastic roofing upgrade in 2024!

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