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The roofing team at Shake Guys is here and ready to spring into action when you’re in need of a top-quality Bannockburn roofing company. We specialize in bringing functionality and beauty together, thanks to our GAF certification training and years of industry experience. You’ll never have to compromise on quality with Shake Guys, as customer satisfaction is our top priority. Whether you want asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, slate tiles, or other materials for your next roof, we can provide you with tons of options and help you choose what’s best for your home.


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There’s a reason why we’re Bannockburn’s best, and it’s because our roofers stay current with roofing industry trends and technological advancements. We’re always continuing our education and training, we always share our industry knowledge with our customers to ensure they have all the right information. That way, they can make more informed decisions based on their needs and preferences. Remember, your satisfaction is our goal, so we’ll never steer you in the wrong direction!


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DaVinci Roofscapes is the leading manufacturer of composite roofing tiles. These synthetic products resemble the natural look and feel of true cedar shakes or slate, but they’re made from recycled materials. The result is an equally beautiful roof that’s impressively durable and doesn’t require the hands-on maintenance and upkeep that true cedar shakes do.

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consultant and the couple having a meeting

5 Tips for Financing Your 2023 Roof Replacement

By Adam L | September 25, 2023
Facing a roof replacement in 2023 and needing help financing it? We've been there. Roof replacement costs can run high, but with the right strategy and Shake Guys as a partner, it doesn't have to break the bank. Research shows...
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cottage house with weather resistant roof

# Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles For Your Strongest Roof

By Dan Carter | September 21, 2023
Have you ever wondered how to protect your home from severe weather damage? You're not alone. After exploring numerous solutions, Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles offer the highest level of protection for roofing systems. In this article, we'll share insights...
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suburban residential home

7 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Roof (Homeowner’s Guide)

By Jake Weaver | September 18, 2023
Is it raining inside your house? If so, you're probably familiar with the stress and complications of a leaking roof. We've been there! A new roof has a lifespan of 20 to 25 years, and it's vital to watch for...
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dormers on the green metal roof

4 Best Types Of Roofing Materials (2023 Guide)

By Shake Guys | September 14, 2023
Choosing suitable roofing materials can take time and effort for most homeowners. We've also been there, overwhelmed by the myriad of options available. Not to worry, Shake Guys has sifted through numerous resources, factoring in roof cost and the average...
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brick house and double gable roof

DIY Roof Drip Edge Installation Guide for 2023

By Shake Guys | September 11, 2023
Are you feeling overwhelmed with your leaking roof and fearing the potential water damage? We've been there too, and we’re here to tell you how critical it is to have a properly installed drip edge on your roof.  Through this...
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house roof cleaned and shingled

How To Shingle A Roof: Step-By-Step Guide

By Shake Guys | September 7, 2023
Are you vexed with a leaky roof? We know how overwhelming it can be to shingle a roof yourself. We've crafted this step-by-step guide that teaches you to install asphalt shingles flawlessly. Let's transform the hurdle of roofing into an...
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beautiful suburban house with new roof

4 Best Roof Shingle Prices in 2023

By Shake Guys | September 4, 2023
Do you need help with the many options and costs for shingle roofs in 2023? Trust us. We've been there. With the average price to shingle a roof mounting up to $8,500, figuring out which option offers both quality and...
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close up image of roof decking

What Is A Roof Deck? (Homeowner’s Guide)

By Shake Guys | August 31, 2023
Understanding your home's roofing structure can often feel like unraveling a complex puzzle, especially when it comes to roof decking. You're not a professional -- why should you know what roof decking material is involved in a roof replacement? What...
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6 Roof Shingle Types To Consider For Your Home (Pros & Cons)

By Shake Guys | August 29, 2023
Choosing the right type of roof shingle is an important decision for any homeowner – it literally impacts the roof over your head. With an array of options available, each offering diverse benefits and drawbacks (along with variance in price),...
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5 Roof Parts to Know Before a Roof Replacement

By Shake Guys | August 24, 2023
Navigating roof replacement as a new or veteran homeowner can often feel overly complicated.  You might worry about incompetent contractors neglecting components or parts of a roof during installation. Roof parts are varied, and understanding the different features of a...
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asphalt shingle roof on luxury family house

5 Common Roof Types (Styles, Benefits, & More)

By Shake Guys | August 22, 2023
Choosing between different roof types when it comes to renovating or replacing your own can be a daunting task. The right roof style and material can greatly enhance your home's curb appeal – but they often also serve distinct functional...
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two workers on roof placing insulation

Roof Insulation Guide: Installation, Types, & Benefits

By Shake Guys | August 17, 2023
  Are you constantly grappling with high energy bills? Here's a fact: poor roof insulation can pile on up to 15% of total energy costs. This comprehensive guide on roof insulation will help you understand the installation process, explore different...
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metal roof with ventilation

6 Types Of Roof Vents & Why They’re Important (Homeowner’s Guide)

By Shake Guys | August 15, 2023
Proper roof ventilation isn't just essential for cedar shake roofs. While roof replacement is often a result of damage to shingles, water damage, or simply an aging roof – most older roofs are likely to have improperly installed (or poorly...
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large house with new siding and cedar roof

How to Install a Cedar Shake Roof (Homeowner’s Guide)

By Shake Guys | August 11, 2023
If you’re thinking about upgrading your roofing system, cedar shakes are an excellent way to add a unique and rustic aesthetic to your home. What’s more, cedar shakes can range in hues from golden brown to reddish brown, which means...
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What Is a Cedar Shake Roof? (2023 Roofing Guide)

By Shake Guys | July 14, 2023
Is it time for a new roof? If so, you may be considering your roofing material options outside of the traditional asphalt shingles.  If this is the case, you may want to consider a cedar shake roof. Cedar shakes —...
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ravinia festival entrance at Highland Park Illinois

Highland Park Food Tour: 8 Can’t-Miss Restaurants

By Shake Guys | July 5, 2023
Highland Park, Illinois, is a small, lively town located in the suburbs of Chicago. Known for its charming neighborhoods and excellent dining scene, it’s a foodie's paradise. But with so many restaurants to choose from, you’re probably trying to figure...
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large classic house with a cedar roofing

4 Top-Rated Cedar Roofing Companies in Lake Forest, IL

By Shake Guys | June 28, 2023
As a homeowner, you understand that your roof is one of the most important features of your house. It not only provides protection, but it also adds curb appeal. Speaking of curb appeal, you may have heard good things about...
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Chicago city view with the Bean sculpture

5 Famous Houses in Chicago to Tour

By Shake Guys | June 21, 2023
Welcome to the world of Chicago's architectural wonders, where history and artistry come together in the heart of The Windy City! Known for its innovative designs and rich heritage, Chicago is a treasure trove of iconic houses waiting for you...
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beautiful cedar roof home after storm damage repair

April 2023 Hailstorms Cause Cedar Roof Hail Damage

By Shake Guys | June 15, 2023
Shake Guys has been inundated with calls after the April 4th and April 20th hailstorms hit northern Illinois' cedar roofs. Some of the towns affected include Lake Forest, Highland Park, Deerfield, Glencoe, Inverness , Barrington, Long Grove, Park Ridge and...
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Insurance Claim Advocacy & Guidance

By Shake Guys | March 22, 2021
Storms can be extremely frightening — dark skies, howling wind, driving rain, lightning, hail, and more can give you a sense of unease as you wait for the worst to pass. When disaster happens and a falling tree or severe...
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Why to Have Your Cedar Roof Examined for Storm Damage

By Shake Guys | March 22, 2021
As the old yet timeless cliché goes, especially when it comes to your biggest investment — your home — it is better safe than sorry when talking in terms of scheduling a professional evaluation for possibly incurred storm damage. Whether you were at home during...
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synthetic roofing

Synthetic Roofing – The Best Roofing Material On The Market

By Shake Guys | December 27, 2017
Finding all the perfect materials for your home is never easy. There’s a lot of planning and consideration that goes into making any home comfortable and secure, and choosing the right material is imperative in building the ideal home. That’s...
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Do I Need My Skylights Replaced When Getting a New Roof?

By Kay Janisch | August 24, 2017
Skylights can be found on just about every other home in the median price range on up. They’re obviously a functional way to save money, and they nourish the brain by ushering in real sun rays. Like all parts of...
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cedar ceilings

Cedar Ceilings Complete a Shake Roofed Home

By Kay Janisch | August 1, 2017
Cedar timber ceilings are a beautiful rustic addition to indoor as well as outdoor spaces for practically any home. For those with cedar shake roofing, cedar ceilings complete the transformation to old-world charm or retro styling depending upon the grain,...
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Fun Facts About Cedar

Fun Facts About Cedar

By Kay Janisch | July 25, 2017
If you have a cedar roof or are looking to have a cedar roof installed, you know that there's a lot to look forward to. So we put together some fun facts about cedar roofing so both you and your...
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DIY Cedar Shake Roof Leak Repair

DIY Cedar Shake Roof Leak Repair

By Kay Janisch | June 26, 2017
Before getting into our tips, as a professional cedar shake expert installer we discourage making any repairs to your roofing for both your own safety and that of your roof. Please call on a local roofing pro, like Shake Guys,...
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Cedar Shake Roof Ventilation

Cedar Shake Roof Ventilation is All Important

By Kay Janisch | April 25, 2017
Cedar shake roofing systems are one of the most temperamental roof coverings. Why? Wood needs to breathe. This means that the roof needs to be built with very specific ventilation. If the moisture in the face of a shake dries...
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Spring Checklist for Cedar Roofing Homeowners

Spring Checklist for Cedar Roofing Homeowners

By Kay Janisch | April 14, 2017
Spring is most certainly the best time of the year to take stock of your property and give it some TLC. Home exteriors may get hit hardest by storms in the spring and summer but the cold season puts plenty...
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The Best Shake Roof Installations of 2016

Favorite Shake Roof Installations of 2016

By Kay Janisch | March 14, 2017
As the leading shake roof specialist serving the northern Chicago communities, Shake Guys gets to repair the roofs on some of the most beautiful cedar roofs in Illinois. 2016 once again saw a high volume or full replacements due to...
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Top 10 Cedar Shake Roofer Hiring Musts

Top 10 Must-Know Tips for Hiring a Cedar Shake Roofer

By Kay Janisch | June 24, 2016
If you live in Barrington, Inverness, Kildeer, or many of the other northern Chicago suburbs you have a good deal of roofing contractors to choose from. As a well-respected cedar shake restoration company, we know this product, how to install...
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Polymer Roof Problems and Benefits

Polymer Roof Problems and Benefits

By Kay Janisch | June 10, 2016
Shake Guys recently began offering faux slate and shake roofing options (Learn more!) to Chicago’s residents and businesses in 2015. With these new products, come new concerns and questions. The following article will shed light on polymer roof problems and...
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Reuse and Repurpose Old Cedar Shake Roofs!

By Kay Janisch | April 6, 2016
Many people hate to see organic compounds that appear to have uses go to landfills. In all actuality, organic compounds are great for them and that includes old wood. Those who have their old cedar roofs replaced often make a...
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Cedar Roofing Questions and Answers

Cedar Roofing Questions and Answers

By Kay Janisch | February 5, 2016
If you're interested in a cedar roof but aren't sure where to start, then we'll start off by answering some common questions! Shake Guys is the premiere cedar roofing contractor in Illinois due to our proven customer satisfaction, guaranteed results,...
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Choosing the right cedar roofing contractor

Choosing the Right Cedar Shake Roofing Contractor

By Kay Janisch | February 4, 2016
The recent hail & wind storms that damage your roof have forced many homeowners in the North Counties to address the issue of replacing their roofing systems. Shake Guys has provided quality roofing renovations to your neighborhood over the last...
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Manufacturing Cedar Shakes

By Kay Janisch | January 11, 2016
The time honored practice of making cedar shakes has changed little in the last 100 years. While machinery is used, human hands and precision are still essential throughout the process. There are multiple spots on the globe that produce shakes...
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Dealing with Insurance after a Storm

By Kay Janisch | November 19, 2015
This article is geared for cedar roofing but is applicable for other roofing types as well. Cedar shake roofing systems have a few factors that make them especially fickle when it comes to getting an insurance claim approved. When dealing...
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5 Steps to Prepare Your Cedar Roof for Winter

5 Steps to Prepare Your Cedar Roof for Winter

By Kay Janisch | October 23, 2015
The Chicago suburbs are accustomed to nasty winter seasons that roofs must endure as the first line of defense for their home. Making sure your cedar shake roof stays in prime shape to combat low temperatures, ice dams, and storms...
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cedar roofs in illinois

Not All Cedar Roofs are Created Equally!

By Kay Janisch | May 12, 2015
The 3 biggest factors that set cedar roofs up for success or failure! If you're looking to install a cedar roof on your home, this article will explore why you don’t want to be stingy with the roofing contractor you...
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Cedar Shingles are a Green Product

Are Cedar Shingles and Shakes Really “Green”?

By Kay Janisch | April 23, 2015
Are you skeptical about cedar shingles and shakes being a “green” roofing product? Let’s clear the air here and shed some light on the environmental impact of cedar vs. other roofing materials. Since wood is one of our most valuable...
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Cedar Roof Accessories

Which Cedar Roof Accessories Look Best?

By Kay Janisch | April 8, 2015
We talked to several designers to come up with some clever ways to work with your cedar roof. Whether you already own a cedar roof, just upgraded to cedar roofing, or just purchased a new home with cedar on it,...
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facts about cedar roofing

Know the Facts about Cedar Roofing, It Is the Best Choice

By Kay Janisch | April 6, 2015
Cedar is the best choice for design Northern Illinois has a reputation of stunning landscapes and exquisite homes. The regal beauty of each home stands apart from the rest, with the rooftop being its crowning glory. These are homes that...
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Steam Bent Cedar

A Look at Steam Bent Cedar Shingle Roofing

By Kay Janisch | March 25, 2015
When using standard shingles made from wood, ceramic or metal, you end up with a uniform look that matches the surrounding homes in your neighborhood. If you want a truly unique look that makes your home stand out from the...
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Switch to Cedar Roofing

Highly Legitimate Reasons for a Switch to Cedar Roofing

By Kay Janisch | March 20, 2015
So either you have a cedar roof or you want a cedar roof, and sure, they look good! But we've also put together a great summary of the history of cedar builds and roofing, so if you're curious, follow along!...
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Demystifying Cedar Shakes and Shingles

By Kay Janisch | March 13, 2015
Demystifying the facts can help you choose the best roof possible, cedar shakes or shingles! You may be considering a cedar roof, but unsure of the ins and outs— Should I get shingles or shakes? What's the difference? Before moving...
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cedar forest

Environmental Benefits of Cedar Roofs

By Kay Janisch | June 23, 2014
The Environmental Benefits of Cedar Roofs Nowadays, people place more of an emphasis on being environmentally friendly. There are many ways of incorporating sustainability into your life, and the type of roof you choose is no exception. Cedar - Easy...
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cedar shake roof with ridge caps

Cedar Roof Elements: Ridge Caps

By Kay Janisch | June 10, 2014
Ridge Caps: The First Line of Defense for Cedar Roofing Systems If you're interested in getting a cedar roof but don't know some of the specific aesthetic choices, we recommend simple, functional attributes. The ridge caps of a roof often...
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handsplit cedar shake roof

Power Washing – Friend or Foe to your Cedar Roof?

By Kay Janisch | June 2, 2014
For those looking to restore the appearance of cedar shakes, power washing can be a great option. However, misuse of a power washer can result in disaster for your cedar roof, so following certain guidelines or using a contractor to...
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shake guys inspection

Save Money By Preserving Your Cedar Roof

By Kay Janisch | August 26, 2013
The natural aging of cedar is one of the many qualities homeowners love about a cedar roof. But that aging can also be problematic if it occurs prematurely. That’s why it’s so important to have basic cedar roof maintenance and...
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cedar shake roof

Pros and Cons of Cedar Roofing

By Kay Janisch | August 6, 2013
All roofing materials have pros and cons associated with them, and cedar is no exception. But with cedar roofing, most homeowners find the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. However, choosing a cedar roof is an individual decision and the pros...
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sawing lumber

When to Replace Cedar Shingles and Shakes

By Kay Janisch | July 23, 2013
Perhaps the best feature of cedar roofing is its cost-effective replacement of individual cedar shingles and shakes with new ones as needed. This saves on purchasing a completely new roof. Another great benefit of cedar roofs is the visible signs...
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cedar shakes

How to Extend the Life of Your New Cedar Roof

By Kay Janisch | July 23, 2013
You may be looking into replacing your cedar roof, but before your do that, make sure it doesn't just need a face life. One of the great things about western red cedar wood is that it contains a large amount...
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cedar shake roof with ridge caps

3 Do-It-Yourself Tips for Maintaining Your Cedar Wood Roof

By Kay Janisch | July 16, 2013
Cedar roofing is the only type of roofing material where regular maintenance can prolong its longevity. Better still, much of this maintenance can be easily done yourself, if you so choose. With these three do-it-yourself maintenance tips, you’re well on...
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split cedar

Selecting a Color for Your Cedar Roof

By Kay Janisch | July 1, 2013
We admit it, we're purists at heart. We believe that if you're choosing a cedar roof for your roofing system, then you should keep the natural look of the cedar shingles or shakes and not apply a stain or color...
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bundled shakes

Cedar Wood Shingles and Shakes

By Kay Janisch | July 1, 2013
With a cedar roof, there’s no settling for one size fits all roofing materials. After all, your home deserves better than the ordinary. With the various types of cedar wood shingles and shakes, homeowners have numerous options for selecting a...
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steam bent shake roof

Comparing Cedar Shingles to Cedar Shakes

By Kay Janisch | June 25, 2013
When you decide to adorn the top of your house with a cedar wood roof, you have the option of cedar shingles or cedar shakes. Wondering what the differences are between the two? This comparison chart provides a quick glimpse...
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cedar shake roof

5 Reasons to Consider a Cedar Roof

By Shake Guys | June 18, 2013
Just one look at cedar roofing and you’ll see why homeowners instantly fall in love with it. It’s stately and stunning, a worthy crown for atop any home. But if you're looking to install a cedar roof, know that a...
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cedar shake roof

Choosing the Right Siding

By Shake Guys | November 19, 2012
There are several factors that one should consider when choosing a type of siding to install on their home.  The upfront price tag, durability vs. maintenance cost, requirements of the installation, and the home’s architectural styling are the main points...
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