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Cedar Materials

Organic & Rustic Look

Hand-Split and Resawn Shakes

Made from hand-split cedar logs, they have a highly textured surface and vary in size and thickness, which creates a rustic appearance. These shakes are sustainable, durable, and add distinct character to any home.

Clean & Uniform Look

Tapersawn Shakes

Thicker than a traditional cedar shingle for a smoother & consistent look. Tapersawn shakes are a shake/shingle hybrid - giving them a look similar to a sawn shingle but with a thicker appearance allowing them to be bundled and applied like a shake.

Smooth & Tailored Look

Cedar Shingles

With a slimmer profile, these are often used on more traditional and modern style homes.

The Best Cedar Roofing Products for Every Roof


For beauty, versatility, sustainability, and more.



Experience the Beauty of Different Types of Cedar: When you choose the elegance of a cedar roof for your home, you are afforded a superb selection that showcases the various types of cedar. Each has its own distinct qualities and each is destined to reveal the beauty of your home while offering the utmost in protection.


Undeniable quality. It's the one thing homeowners love and appreciate about cedar. It's also why we at the Shake Guys treat the wood with such special care and have set stringent quality control guidelines.


Although cedar shakes and shingles are available in various grades, the Shake Guys use only premium grade cedar because it ensures a longer-lasting, problem-free roof. Premium grade cedar is 100 percent clear heartwood for better decay resistance and 100 percent vertical grain (or edge grain) for better performance and stability. Our thick, narrow shakes and shingles won't warp or split. We choose not to use cedar grades that contain mostly sapwood or have a flat grain because they lessen the quality and performance of the cedar - that means you won't receive the best quality cedar roof for your investment.


The Shake Guys are happy to work with any type of wood a Chicago homeowner requests for their roof renovation/restoration, of course. But our product of choice is Western Red Cedar in a special cut known as 100% Premium Edge Grain. We like shingles in Western Red Cedar, but we adore cedar shake, in particular, that’s made from this versatile wood.


Our Western Red Cedar comes from mills in Vancouver, British Columbia, where this beautiful tree is the official provincial tree. The soft, red-brown timber of Western Red Cedar has a wonderful grain that’s straight and tight, and the wood has very few knots. Its lovely aroma, unique appearance and natural ability to thwart decay make it extremely valuable for outdoor uses like roofing, decking, posts, siding and more.


Because of its many desirable characteristics, Western Red Cedar often is used for framing lightweight kayaks and sailboats — it’s typically significantly lighter than other woods commonly used in boat-building. Despite its light weight, Western Red Cedar is surprisingly strong.


The aromatic oils in Western Red Cedar are thought to discourage the growth of insect larvae, and the wood is often used for lining chests and closets. Well-sealed chests made of Western Red Cedar keep their distinctive aroma for many years and sometimes for more than a century. The wood also resists rot and decay, making it perfect for use in long-lasting building applications.

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