Impact of Sunny Weather on Cedar Roofs

The Impact of Sunny Weather on Cedar Roofs

The Impact of Sunny Weather on Cedar Roofs

One of the great advantages of using cedar shakes as a roofing material is that the wood contains high amounts of natural preservatives. While this suggests that cedar roofs require almost no maintenance, the truth is quite different.

The different elements that hit Chicago every year have an impact on cedar roofs, and can take a toll on the condition of the wood if the roof is not properly maintained.

While the impact of rain and water can be hugely detrimental to the condition of a cedar roof, solar damage is often underestimated.

The Sunny Side of The Windy City

Chicago sees around 189 sunny days in any given year. Although this is slightly below the national average for the United States, it is still certainly enough to affect the condition of your roof.

When the sun is shining, its rays decompose the wood at a cellular level. The top layer of cells are the most effected, and as the rays break them down, the rain washes them away.

Over time, the continuous weathering of the wood leads to an effect called “graying,” where the cedar begins to turn to a shade of gray. Although many admire a gray tinge to a cedar roof, it is actually visible proof that the wood has deteriorated.

Cedar Wood Maintenance Timing

On average, a cedar roof can function effectively for up to 10 years without maintenance, but taking the measures to preserve your roof can be hugely beneficial; the life of a cedar roof can be prolonged significantly with timely maintenance and preservation.

The Expertise of The Shake Guys

A cedar roof needs special care and attention that should only be performed by roofing professionals with specific experience and skills in working with cedar wood roofing. The Shake Guys is an industry expert in cedar roof systems and has the experience necessary to treat your cedar wood roof with the roofing maintenance and preservation it needs.

Contact Shake Guys for all your cedar roofing questions and concerns, or to learn how you can get the most out of your cedar wood roof system.