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Spot replacements on cedar shake roof

What is does the $579 value apply to?

In a nutshell, the first 40 spot replacement shakes are on us!

One of the most common and unexpected  components to a cedar shake preservation treatment is the need for spot replacements. Age, poor quality shakes, improper installation, and severe storms can all play a role in the total or near loss of each shake. A 30 year-old roof with mid-grade products and little maintenance prior average 30 shakes removed and replaced… this doesn’t account for missing ones! To help you with what may be a bigger expense than expected, Shake Guys is offering this certificate to cover the product cost of up to 40 shakes of Premium Shakes (90%+ Edge Grain). This equates to $579.

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Applying a tinted cedar shake preservation treatment.

About Our Preservation Treatments

Each treatment is geared to the needs of the roof to extend its.

There are also considerations for you to take in such as color tinting and extras like copper cleaning. Our technicians start with an examination of current roofing to diagnose the needs or need for more extreme repairs. You’ll be offered your choices and agree to the option that fits. The actual treatment time varies based on roof size. The median home with a 25 year-old roof with one prior treatment will average 5 hours to treat. There are 3 products we use to treat with, 1 low-viscosity oil to rejuvenate leached oils and 2 water-soluble products that are pigmented, water-repellent, and engineered for lasting sunlight protection.

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Disclaimer for the $579 Certificate and Free Gutter Cleaning:

The certificate can only be used once on a single property owned by the resident. To receive the gutter cleaning and credit towards the maximum of 40 spot replaced shakes the recipient must have a contract signed for a Shake Guys Preservation Treatment by June 30, 2018. The $579 price is not subtracted from the total cost of entire project total but from the line item for “spot replacement product costs”. The Free Gutter Cleaning does not entail anything further than debris removal/clearing. The gutter cleaning in not any form of washing or repair. The cutter cleaning is to help avoid clogging and overflows of upper gutters.


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