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Should I Stay Home During a Roof Replacement?

Installing a brand-new roof is a big investment for most homeowners. If you wish to schedule a full roof replacement, you might be grappling with the decision to stay or leave during the roof repairs. 

You are not alone. It is a stressful time, and the question is a common dilemma among homeowners.

The decision can be even more difficult when:

  • Anyone in the house works from home 🏠💼
  • You have school-age children 👧👦
  • You have pets 🐶🐱
  • Alternate options are cost-prohibitive 💰🚫

Many homeowners choose to remain home, and most roofers accommodate any requests to disrupt the homeowner’s life minimally. Whether you stay, go to a friend’s house, or enjoy local attractions, the most important thing to remember is to keep things as stress-free as possible.

Keep reading to discover tips and ideas we’ve gathered for you as you consider your options during your home’s roof replacement

Staying Home: Advantages and Considerations

Staying home during an entire roof replacement has advantages and disadvantages to consider. Homeowner availability during a complete roof replacement allows the opportunity to ask or answer questions or concerns and ensures supervision, quality control, and convenience for final inspections.

However, it also comes with challenges like:

  • Noisy conditions
  • Safety concerns
  • Privacy concerns

If you work from home, tearing off the old roof and a full roof replacement requires only a few days, providing suitable weather. While the atmosphere will be anything but quiet, it is still manageable for most people.

Accessibility for Questions and Concerns

Remaining in your home during a roof replacement gives you immediate access to your roofing contractor to address questions or concerns quickly. 

Are you worried about the loud thumping overhead or curious about the new roofing materials? Just ask! You can communicate directly with your roofer without misunderstanding and stay informed throughout the process.

Supervision and Quality Control

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Maintaining a vigilant eye on the roof replacement can reap significant benefits for everyone involved. 

Homeowner presence often guarantees higher quality control procedures by the entire crew. Any discrepancies or issues with the work are spotted instantly and corrected without delay.

Our roofing teams value the immediate feedback loop and often appreciate timely homeowner involvement rather than encountering post-job complaints.

Convenience for Final Inspections

Staying local during a roof replacement offers significant convenience for final inspections. An on-site homeowner lets us examine the completed roofing job from all angles, ensuring it meets expectations and all state and local code requirements.

This active involvement affords peace of mind. Roof replacement is a significant investment, and we want you involved from start to finish. 

Staying Home: Challenges and Solutions

Being at home during a roof replacement is challenging. Noise levels, privacy, children, pets, and debris are all things to consider, but solutions exist to mitigate most issues. 

  • Minimize noise and disturbance by using noise-canceling headphones or spending time in quieter areas of the house.
  • Protecting children and pets from the construction zone is a necessary safety precaution for everyone’s well-being.
  • Address privacy concerns by closing curtains or blinds and using temporary partitions.
  • Contain roofing debris with a roll-off container or other collection method. 

Noise and Disturbance

During a roof replacement, noise and disturbance can be significant concerns. The construction crew’s constant banging and loud noises can be off-putting, disrupting your daily routine.

Additionally, falling debris from the roof replacement process may pose safety hazards and damage property if improperly handled. 

Dust can also become an issue during roof repair and replacement. Expect to clean surfaces more frequently

While some homeowners stay home during a roof replacement, others find it more convenient to vacate the premises until the job is complete.

Safety Precautions

Staying safe during a roof replacement is crucial. Essential safety precautions include: 

  • Proper protective gear (slip-resistant shoes and a hard hat)
  • Be aware of moving vehicles such as a fork or scissor lift
  • Caution children to stay away from roofing materials and dumpsters
  • Keep pets inside when possible
  • Keep vehicles in the garage or down the driveway
  • Move outdoor furniture away from the working construction area

Additionally, be mindful of any falling debris and ensure that the area around your home is clear of obstacles. 

Privacy Concerns

During any home improvement process, privacy concerns can affect those who choose to stay home. To maintain privacy, the homeowner must be cautious during daily routines, including closing blinds or drawing curtains. 

Roofers may need to access the inside of the house, intruding on personal space and raising privacy issues.

With any roofing project, understand there is a risk of ceiling damage that could compromise privacy.

Exploring Alternatives: Local Attractions

family with young kids hiking

If staying home during a roof replacement is not your ideal choice, turn to local activities you’ve always wanted to do. Entertainment, educational, and social opportunities help make the most of your time.

Local Explorations

We can maximize our time during a roof replacement by exploring our local area. Venture out and discover new places right in our backyard. Visit nearby parks, nature trails, or gardens to enjoy fresh air and natural beauty.

Check out local museums, art galleries, or historical sites to learn something new about the community’s history and culture. Support local businesses by trying new restaurants or cafes.

Exploring can provide a welcome distraction from the noise and disturbance of a roof replacement while uncovering hidden gems in the neighborhood.

Social Opportunities

While getting a roof replaced, try exploring social functions. You can take this opportunity to visit nearby attractions, parks, or even classes at the library or community college.

Attend local events or join clubs/organizations that interest you. You can expand your social circle while staying nearby and enjoying yourself during the roof replacement.

You can enjoy some quality time with family and friends, but it can also help take your mind off all the noise and commotion caused by the roofing process.


In most cases, remaining at home while your roof is replaced is feasible, but you should consider a few things to make an informed decision. 

It also allows you to supervise the roofing contractors, ensure quality control, and make any necessary preparations. On the other hand, staying home can be challenging due to noisy conditions for people and pets. Safety, especially with small children, should be taken into account as well as privacy concerns.

Whatever you choose, Shake Guys is here to help. Contact us to discuss roof replacements and repairs and turn that old roof into a new roof in no time.

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